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Nice to Meet You!
With a passion for all things stylish, Ava Phillips and Jenny Ross started their journey designing and planning weddings and events.  After falling in love with bride after bride, they realized they never wanted the party to end.  So, they decided to take their team of  creative-minded go-getters and use their combined skills to create a lifestyle management company that helps bring the
 party into your everyday life.

Now, in addition to planning your wedding, creating your invitations and hand-crafting your floral centerpieces, they can pack for your honeymoon or organize your home office. The team at Mean Party really does do it all.

Ava Likes:
Miranda Lambert
King Charles Cocker Spaniels
Jack Daniels
Online Shopping
Singing in the car
Mashed Potatoes

Jenny Likes:

Hot Tea
Chelsea Handler
Farm to Table Dinners
Blue Cheese
Homemade Bread
Leopard Print
Apocalyptic Novels
Vodka with Lemon
The Mountains
Nail Polish

 We Love:

 Bravo TV(<3 you Andy!), Pinterest.  High Heels.
 Sarcasm.  Any chance to dress up.  False eyelashes.
Dance parties.  Sunday Funday.  Laughing ‘til we cry.
Talking in movies.  Half price wine nights. 

Meet the assistants: