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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Finally My Internship is No Longer a Secret!

Ahh what a relief! After a month of interning I finally got to tell the world what I’m doing. Their reactions were just what I expected. When I show off the homepage to the new Mean Party website the first question I get has been the same – “But what do you mean a ‘A lifestyle and events company’?” Most of my peers are college students or recent grads and haven’t heard of a lifestyle management or concierge company before. So then I go on with my usual example to help explain. In case you are equally confused, allow me to explain. Trust me, I would LOVE to. This has been bottled up for a month!

So say we have a client ask us to plan their wedding. This obviously fits into the “events” of the company. We help plan their wedding and through the process consider each other much more than just a business relationship, we’re friends. The wedding day comes and it’s a blast for everyone, just what the bride and groom wanted. But what about after the wedding, like the new website and blog say – we don’t want the party to end.

What about all the gifts that need sorted and organized into the married couple’s new home? What if they need help planning the honeymoon, or packing for it? Who is going to house-sit while they are away? Or when they get back and all their work at the office has built up to where they don’t have time to restock the fridge after being away? Consider a couple years down the road when their first newborn comes along. What if they need help designing the baby’s room or planning a baby shower? Good thing Mean Party is still there.

That’s where the lifestyle comes in. We help manage client’s crazy lives just like we manage a wedding or event so you can enjoy the party. We can’t say this enough – life’s a party and we want to help you enjoy it because we throw a Mean Party.

So there it is. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past month. Preparing to launch Mean Party and tell the world what we want to do from here on out. It feels so good to finally explain it. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our Secret

For weeks the Borrowed & Blue team has promised BIG changes, and today is THE day to announce the BIG news!  Where should we start?  There is so much to tell!

You know when you buy a great pair of shoes that perfectly match your outfit for a big event?  And then, without trying, you stumble upon an even MORE PERFECT pair of shoes that will go with EVEN MORE outfits?

Yeah… That’s sort of what happened.

A wise girl once said “Those girls throw a MEAN PARTY!” From her words an idea was born.  Why does the party have to end? 

And now for the BIG NEWS.  Borrowed and Blue Events is now ………

With a passion for all things stylish, Ava Phillips and Jenny Ross started their journey designing and planning weddings and events.  After falling in love with client after client, they realized they never wanted the party to end.  So, they decided to take their team of creative-minded go-getters and use their combined skills to create a lifestyle management company that helps bring the party into everyday life.

From weddings to baby showers and everything in between, they want each event to be a party NO ONE forgets.  And who wants the party to end after the guests leave?  Everyday life should be a party, too.  

With Mean Party, in addition to planning your wedding, creating your invitations and hand-crafting your floral centerpieces, they can pack for your honeymoon, organize your home office or give you tips to make your life more eco-friendly. The team at Mean Party really does do it all. 

Life is a party.

And we throw a MEAN party.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Will YOU Like Our Big News?

Well another week has gone by interning for Ava and Jenny. Another week of confused looks when I’m working from my computer, laughing out loud while G-chatting those two crazy gals. Another week of coming home on Wednesday nights from meetings with them to discuss business but pleased as if I just got home from a decent party. Just as a college students summer should be, life’s like a party lately.

It’s so much fun I usually can’t turn my mind off of our big plans once my hours are done for the day. Specifically I’ve started an obsessive habit of meeting or seeing someone and thinking, “Yeah they could benefit from our big news coming up.” If you’ve forgotten, we are announcing our BIG news in less than a week. 

The mom of four that I babysit for who juggles keeping up with the house, kid’s lives and a job. The single businessman who came to speak to my summer class about the transition into a working a full-time job after college and the struggle to learn how to get things done outside of work. Even my own single mother who works non-stop, refuses to hire a maid to keep up with her nice house and has a daughter’s wedding to plan in November.

Any of these people I’ve come across this past week sound like you? Stay tuned. Big news and help is coming. Take it from me, with what we have coming your life could be like a party too.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sugar & Spice

I had the pleasure of putting together a sweet little Sugar & Spice themed baby shower for a pretty little mama to be!  Enjoy these snap shots!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Get ready... We’re starting something BIG.

I am BLESSED with the opportunity to fulfill an internship requirement for my degree with Borrowed and Blue Events this summer.  Why am I blessed?  Because while some of my fellow public relations majors will spend their summers sitting behind a desk doing boring work they have no interest in, I get to do what I’ve grown to LOVE and be my silly, slightly sassy self while doing it. 

My first official week of interning has been glamorous, I mean two of my working days involved a photo shoot and a business meeting over the best sushi roll I’ve ever had.  Unfortunately, I’m dealing with one major challenge….

I can’t brag about the awesome work I’m doing until June 24 when all of us at BBE reveal our “new & exciting changes” Ava and Jenny have promised.  Instead I must be vague and the best word I’ve come up with to describe our upcoming news is … it is BIG.   

Busy? In too deep? Got a lot to do?  Don’t fret, just get excited.  On June 24 we will announce to Charlotte our plans to do what we love.  Aren’t we doing that already?  Yes.  We love weddings, more specifically, we love to assist couples in making their wedding day amazing, stress-free, and the most memorable party of their lives, and we never want the party to end….

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


SOOOOO Sorry we haven't posted in awhile. But don't lose faith. We are working hard on some new  & exciting changes coming soon to the BBE family. We will be back soon... promise!!!