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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our Secret

For weeks the Borrowed & Blue team has promised BIG changes, and today is THE day to announce the BIG news!  Where should we start?  There is so much to tell!

You know when you buy a great pair of shoes that perfectly match your outfit for a big event?  And then, without trying, you stumble upon an even MORE PERFECT pair of shoes that will go with EVEN MORE outfits?

Yeah… That’s sort of what happened.

A wise girl once said “Those girls throw a MEAN PARTY!” From her words an idea was born.  Why does the party have to end? 

And now for the BIG NEWS.  Borrowed and Blue Events is now ………

With a passion for all things stylish, Ava Phillips and Jenny Ross started their journey designing and planning weddings and events.  After falling in love with client after client, they realized they never wanted the party to end.  So, they decided to take their team of creative-minded go-getters and use their combined skills to create a lifestyle management company that helps bring the party into everyday life.

From weddings to baby showers and everything in between, they want each event to be a party NO ONE forgets.  And who wants the party to end after the guests leave?  Everyday life should be a party, too.  

With Mean Party, in addition to planning your wedding, creating your invitations and hand-crafting your floral centerpieces, they can pack for your honeymoon, organize your home office or give you tips to make your life more eco-friendly. The team at Mean Party really does do it all. 

Life is a party.

And we throw a MEAN party.

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