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Monday, June 11, 2012


Get ready... We’re starting something BIG.

I am BLESSED with the opportunity to fulfill an internship requirement for my degree with Borrowed and Blue Events this summer.  Why am I blessed?  Because while some of my fellow public relations majors will spend their summers sitting behind a desk doing boring work they have no interest in, I get to do what I’ve grown to LOVE and be my silly, slightly sassy self while doing it. 

My first official week of interning has been glamorous, I mean two of my working days involved a photo shoot and a business meeting over the best sushi roll I’ve ever had.  Unfortunately, I’m dealing with one major challenge….

I can’t brag about the awesome work I’m doing until June 24 when all of us at BBE reveal our “new & exciting changes” Ava and Jenny have promised.  Instead I must be vague and the best word I’ve come up with to describe our upcoming news is … it is BIG.   

Busy? In too deep? Got a lot to do?  Don’t fret, just get excited.  On June 24 we will announce to Charlotte our plans to do what we love.  Aren’t we doing that already?  Yes.  We love weddings, more specifically, we love to assist couples in making their wedding day amazing, stress-free, and the most memorable party of their lives, and we never want the party to end….

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