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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Will YOU Like Our Big News?

Well another week has gone by interning for Ava and Jenny. Another week of confused looks when I’m working from my computer, laughing out loud while G-chatting those two crazy gals. Another week of coming home on Wednesday nights from meetings with them to discuss business but pleased as if I just got home from a decent party. Just as a college students summer should be, life’s like a party lately.

It’s so much fun I usually can’t turn my mind off of our big plans once my hours are done for the day. Specifically I’ve started an obsessive habit of meeting or seeing someone and thinking, “Yeah they could benefit from our big news coming up.” If you’ve forgotten, we are announcing our BIG news in less than a week. 

The mom of four that I babysit for who juggles keeping up with the house, kid’s lives and a job. The single businessman who came to speak to my summer class about the transition into a working a full-time job after college and the struggle to learn how to get things done outside of work. Even my own single mother who works non-stop, refuses to hire a maid to keep up with her nice house and has a daughter’s wedding to plan in November.

Any of these people I’ve come across this past week sound like you? Stay tuned. Big news and help is coming. Take it from me, with what we have coming your life could be like a party too.

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