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Thursday, September 29, 2011


We’re getting excited for a FABULOUS wedding coming up in October!  Our bride is GORGEOUS  (and our groom too, of course!)  and we just CAN'T WAIT for their BIG DAY!  Here are a few of the happy couples engagement photos by the always amazing, Indigo Photography!

Jessica & Patrick have been together (wait for it) 10 years!!!  High school sweethearts and still going strong!  We’re so pumped for their wedding we can’t stand it!  Only a few weeks to go!!

 Stunning, right?   

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome to my life, Nutella Icing

Jenny and I met with Small Batch Cookery last night for a cake tasting with one of our fabulous brides and grooms.  Like always, Small Batch had a beautiful display (they never disappoint).  And like always, they had DELICIOUS cakes for us to try.  Every single time I sit down with Small Batch, they give me something better than the last time (how do they do that?!)

Now let me set the scene – I’m the kind of girl that gets a cupcake, takes the icing off, and eats the bottom of the cupcake.  I hate icing.  I always have.  And really, I don’t LOVE cake that much either.  If I have to eat it though, it’s getting naked first.

Jennifer Merryman, from Small Batch, has LITERALLY changed my outlook on cake.  Not only do I have to stop myself from shoving every sample piece of cake into my mouth, I have to legit hold back from licking the icing out of the bowls!

Last night I was introduced to the new love of my life – NUTELLA ICING!  I might have cried if my bride and groom didn’t pick it for their big day!  Everything was so wonderful, our bride and groom ended up picking 4 different cake flavors – now THAT has to tell you how good everything was =)  

Now for me, I’m going to say a little prayer to the cake gods and hope a Nutella Icing topped cake finds its way to my desk in the near future (hint, hint!)

Friday, September 16, 2011


We are LONG PAST THE DAYS of white satin shoes that are dyed to match our gowns!!  (Barf bag please!)  What you wear with your dress is a detail not to overlook!

Bridesmaids should be pretty too!  Bridesmaids are the ultimate wedding accessory!  What they wear and how polished they are sets the tone for the wedding straight out of the gate!  PLEASE don’t put them at the alter with a ghetto pair of flip flops!  Here are some ideas to get inspired by:

Table 6 Productions
The Daily Wedding Blog

Penny Candy

Show your personality!  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t buy the first pair of white shoes you can find because you want them to match your wedding dress.  Really think about it – how many pairs of white shoes have you seen that were legit cute?  Use your shoes as a way to show your personality and bring out the flavor of the wedding.   Here are some super fun looks:
Twirl Talk
Our Wedding Day

Green Wedding
I will admit, I’m a sucker for shoes, so maybe I’m a little biased about their importance!  But, if you want your wedding to WOW, every details counts - even the details on your 10 little piggies!