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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome to my life, Nutella Icing

Jenny and I met with Small Batch Cookery last night for a cake tasting with one of our fabulous brides and grooms.  Like always, Small Batch had a beautiful display (they never disappoint).  And like always, they had DELICIOUS cakes for us to try.  Every single time I sit down with Small Batch, they give me something better than the last time (how do they do that?!)

Now let me set the scene – I’m the kind of girl that gets a cupcake, takes the icing off, and eats the bottom of the cupcake.  I hate icing.  I always have.  And really, I don’t LOVE cake that much either.  If I have to eat it though, it’s getting naked first.

Jennifer Merryman, from Small Batch, has LITERALLY changed my outlook on cake.  Not only do I have to stop myself from shoving every sample piece of cake into my mouth, I have to legit hold back from licking the icing out of the bowls!

Last night I was introduced to the new love of my life – NUTELLA ICING!  I might have cried if my bride and groom didn’t pick it for their big day!  Everything was so wonderful, our bride and groom ended up picking 4 different cake flavors – now THAT has to tell you how good everything was =)  

Now for me, I’m going to say a little prayer to the cake gods and hope a Nutella Icing topped cake finds its way to my desk in the near future (hint, hint!)

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