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Monday, March 25, 2013

GREEN Weddings Part 1

Are you the kind of guy or gal who is green in your every day life and want to incorporate those mentalities into your wedding without being too "hippie"?  We have some ideas for you!

One of the BIGGEST ways you can go green without compromising the overall look/feel/vibe of your wedding, is by eliminting some of the paper products.  If you think about it, there is A LOT of unnecessary paper used commonly for weddings.  Here are a few ideas:

1. Eliminate the inner envelope from your invitation.  Is it REALLY necessary?  If you don't care as much about formalities, and there is not a true necessity reason for the inner envelope, then save a little bit of waste and scratch it.  I guarantee most of your guests won't even miss it.  


 2. Send a post-card as your Save the Date.  A new trend from Mean Party weddings is definitely to scratch the envelope for the Save the Dates and make a fun post-card instead.  Use photos from your engagement pictures OR use a postcard from your local Visit Center and show off the location of your big day!

3. Nix the paper program.  At a lot of weddings, there are programs left over that didn't get taken, or programs left on seats tht got left at the ceremony.  Only a handful of folks (my mother being one of them) takes the program with them.  Instead, try writing the program on a large chalkboard, or have one large sign made,  so your guests and photographer can get a great picture of the program.  


 More GREEN wedding ideas coming at you soon! =) 

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