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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lollipop, Lollipop

As I drug my under rested, over worked self into Starbucks this weekend I noticed these cutie little cake pops sitting in the window:

One Fine Cookie
 And I had a thought.

How cute would these be at weddings?  In lou of a traditional cake and the now ever-so-popular cupcake, these would be a big hit (in a not so big bite!)  And if you really want it to look like cupcakes….

There are so many ways to display these little gems!  To create a grand effect, try making a base out of styrofoam in the shape of a wedding cake.  Insert the cake pops into the base to create the visual of a textured “bubbly” cake

Want to be a little different than other brides?  Create a light-hearted atmosphere and set the tone for a whimsical affair by giving your bridesmaids candy bouquets!
Without Adornment
 Create wow moments for your guests with every detail…. and, of course,  with every bite ;) 

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