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Friday, August 19, 2011

Recent Obsession

I’ve grown a recent obsession for something I once thought I hated.  It goes to show that we prove ourselves wrong every day.  Want to know what this tiny little thing is that changed my mind in so many ways?

Baby’s breath.
baby's breath
Yep.  Cheap, dainty, used in so many horrible ways, baby’s breath. 

There is NOTHING prettier than a big bundle of baby’s breath to make a chic impression.  I still hate the idea of using it intertwined with a bouquet of red roses, but left alone, it is beautiful!

It makes a great spring/summer wedding idea:
Bella Loren Photography
 Or even a beautiful winter wedding masterpiece:
Honey Bee Weddings
 For every bride who likes a classic touch, you may want to rethink this little plant.  Besides – if you’re a bride on a budget, you can’t get ANY CHEAPER than baby’s breath!
Utterly Engaged

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