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Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's all about the money, HONEY!

Is it possible to get high from saving money?!

I grew up poor and started learning about saving money at a very young age.  I started working when I was 14 and now have the ability to make a buck stretch a mile!  I never thought I’d appreciate being broke as much as I do now that I own a business that specializes in saving money!

One thing that erks my nerves is the misconception that wedding planners are an added expense.  If you find a GOOD wedding planner (cough, cough – a BBE wedding planner) they should SAVE you money!  A lot of brides, in an attempt to save, will skip the wedding planner but end up spending double what they could have paid if they had only hired someone who knows all the shortcuts and all the savings in town. 

Here’s a perfect example.  We have a bride who LOVES the look of pipe & drape and the dramatic effect it creates.  To rent pipe & drape for her wedding, it would have cost her $3,000.  Um, no thank you.  But Jenny and I couldn’t rest until we figured out a way to give her exactly what she wanted.  We don’t like the idea of brides sacrificing their vision over money.  Therefore, we’ve spent our week hauling cement, figuring measurements and playing engineer.  Our bride is getting exactly what she wants for about $300.  Yep – that’s a $2,700 savings! 

Ahh – what a good feeling! And that’s only PART of the savings!  That doesn’t count all the other secret ways we've helped her save ;)

My back is achy, my knees are sore, but the pipe & drape is GORGEOUS!  We’ll be sharing final product photos soon!  In the meantime, check out our hard work!   

Our little helper, Minnie!

Those crazy drawings make sense to us - that's all that matters =)

Sierra looking at us like we're nuts.  Well... maybe a little ;)

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