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Thursday, December 8, 2011

www - what?

In 338 days it will be my beautiful sister’s wedding day! Naturally her wedding plans have been a hot topic with family, friends and anyone who will listen.  Her wedding website is one topic of conversation that has brought out a surprising reaction. “You have a website for your wedding? Oh my gosh…so cheesy!” is the general reaction when some of our family and friends heard of her website. Well welcome to the 21st century!  People make wedding websites?  OF COURSE! There are over 250 million websites out there so weddings joined the World Wide Web party. Why make a wedding website? Allow me to explore some perks. 

The first perk is a no brainer; a website gets information out to guests!  Everything a guest needs to know about venue locations, lodging, times, attire, directions, etc. is easily accessible.  With around 150 guests expected at the 11/10/12 wedding, I know at least one will lose their invitation.  Before you call and overwhelm someone on such a hectic day, whip out your Smartphone, all the information you need is right on the website!

Whether you think of it this way or not, the wedding website is another element of the overall wedding design.  The website should tie along with the wedding theme and the couples personality so guests get a good vibe of the wedding up to 300ish days before the big day!  I’m ALWAYS a fan of another way to show creativity ;) 

Another perk - a website can tell your story; where you met, how you met, how long you dated your fiancé, the engagement and the honeymoon.  All the basics of your relationship and journey to marriage that people love to know but might not get the chance to hear from you can easily be found on the web. My sister even included a page for her beloved dogs that she got with her fiancé.  I don’t know if everyone in our huge family knew she has dogs, but now they do!  It’s fun for guests to learn a little more about the couple before witnessing the “I do”.

Finally, what does every bride want out of her big day? A day she will never forget!  Sure the video and professional photo album will stay in the couple’s home forever, but what if you want to reminisce while at work or when you’re out of town? What about the friends and family who weren’t lucky enough to attend the big event?  Once again, that’s what the website is for. Anybody can log on to flip through the pictures long after the wedding is over.  Once the wedding day has passed the website acts as a keepsake to preserve the special moments only captured at a wedding. 

So here’s the deal, get with the program and make a website for your wedding. Have fun with it and make it unique to you and your fiancé. Trust me; you will certainly be helping your guests out as well!

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