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Friday, February 24, 2012

Beautiful Bouquets

Flowers to a wedding are balloons to a birthday party - they just go hand in hand!  Here's the thing though, everyone knows that.  And it's sad to say, but florists are able to take advantage of you because of it.  They KNOW a bride won't walk down the isle empty handed, so they will upcharge, upcharge, upcharge simply because they can.

At Borrowed & Blue, we also offer floral services to help take that edge off.  We are passionate about ALL areas of the business and flowers are a BIG part of this business!  That's enough tooting of our own horn, so now let us toot a few other peoples.  Here are some BEAUTIFUL bouquets:

Southern Weddings

Style Me Pretty

Bridesmaid Trade

Charleston Weddings

Hello Happiness

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  1. That first bouquet is my absolute fave! That color combo gets me every time!