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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bar None?

Let’s get down to business shall we….

And talk about most of our favorite parts of the wedding. The bar. ;)

(Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion on typical bar etiquette. I know every bride and groom are different. And we all don’t come from the same cultural and religious backgrounds. So the rules don’t apply to everyone. This is just my take )

When I planned my own wedding I thought of it as one thing, a gigantic dinner party. I know that seems odd. But that really was how I viewed it. I love to entertain, party plan, and host parties all the time (hence why I’m an event planner). And to me my wedding was a perfect opportunity to do that on a grand scale. So I planned accordingly. I personally like to serve alcoholic beverages at dinner parties I host. So at my wedding the only option to me was an open bar. Because of religious sensitivities in my family we only served beer and wine. So my Mom was happy and I was happy, and I feel I threw a “dinner” party everyone enjoyed.

That’s how I view the bar. My bar etiquette rules are identical to my dinner party rules. And I think those rules should apply for each bride planning her own wedding.

If you were having a dinner party, would you ask your guests to bring their own beverages?? Would you have no alcohol at all? Or would you provide wines and beers that match the dinner you serve?

I think whichever question you answered yes to should apply to your wedding bar etiquette. If you wouldn’t fathom inviting friends over for dinner and not serve them a bottle of wine with that dinner, then a dry or cash bar are not for you. In the same sense if you don’t drink alcohol at all then you should not be obligated to serve it at your wedding. I do understand the cost concerns where cash bars are considered. I personally feel this should be a last resort option, there are lots of other ways to cost cut before you offer a cash bar. (And if you have cost concerns in planning your wedding, give us a call, BBE’s main goal is to give you the wedding of your dreams on the budget of your reality)

My point is, your wedding is the biggest party of your life. So throw a great one!

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