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Monday, April 29, 2013

Birthday Bash.

Bday’s ain’t just for kids! Here’s some tips to throw a birthday celebration to remember for that special adult in your life =)
With any party, especially birthday parties, themes are always so much fun! Milestone birthdays are a great excuse to throw a themed party, but you don’t have to host a 40th birthday to do this! Keep it simple and stick to a certain color scheme or motif, or personalize the party incorporating a theme based on a person’s hobbies or interests.
Now comes the food and drinks. To get the party started, mix up some pretty little cocktails! As for food, create a menu that shows off the birthday guy or gal’s personality. If you're throwing a bday party for your best friend and she's the pure definition of a morning person, it would be so cute to have something like a waffle, crepe or yogurt bar =) For dessert, make some shooters of their favorite dessert, like banana pudding shooters.  Or, being that it’s an adult birthday bash, replace dessert with alcohol. Instead of cake, have birthday cake shots!
Other than the theme, food and drinks, it's all the other little details that make a good birthday party great! A go-to idea for adult birthday parties is to have lots and lots of pictures! However old one is turning, include that number of pictures, choosing photos that show those important life moments (first dance, graduating high school and college). Make sure to include pictures that are funny and a little embarrassing as well (you all know the pictures I’m talking about….the bathtub picture your mother insisted on keeping, that picture taking you back to middle school with the horrible haircut, or the picture of your freshman year in college, after sipping one too many cocktails)! I mean, what is a party without entertainment, right?! Plus, you can get creative with how you display the photos so they double as décor=)
Have a fabulous Monday =)

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