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Monday, April 1, 2013

GREEN Weddings Part 2

I'm back with MORE ways to go green on your wedding day without compromising the elegance or class of your event! 

1. Recycle the flowers.  We often use our bridesmaid's bouquets in random pieces through-out the reception decor so they get double use.  This is a much better option than just  letting them get left lying around on tables (or in bathrooms)  =).  At the end of each event, we also donate all of the flowers to a local hospice, hospital or nursing home.  Why not spread the joy instead of tossing them in the garbage?!


2.  Plan right.  That's right, plan right.  if you set the flow of your reception correctly, no one will miss the cake cutting, therefore, you won't be left with 15 lbs of wedding cake to take home and/or trash (what was that price per slice again??!!)  This applys to the food, late night snacks, favors, etc. \

 3.  Use GREEN vendors.  Find venodrs with the same green philosphies that you have; they are out there!  Plenty of caterers will recycle applicable products, or donate leftover foods to food banks or shelters.  Use stationary from recycled papers, find vendors that eliminate paper waste, or that recycle wherever possible.  Don't be afraid to ask what sustainable measures they take!

 Any other great green ideas what we haven't thought of?  We'd love to hear them!

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