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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Heads Carolina. Tails California.

I cannot begin to express how much I want need a vacation. And with the weather warming up, I can’t help but find myself with beach on the brain. But, what really has me vacation dreaming are these chic and trendy travel bags I’ve found—a sure way to travel in style.

This printed canvas shoulder bag is stylish, comfortable and super practical. And I LOVE that it is so versatile. It's neutral enough to be paired with colors, but bold enough to stand on its own.
This bag makes a statement...literally.  Anyone who has had a hangover can definitely appreciate this bag. Vacations are all about a good time, and this tote is a symbol of just that. Pure perfection!
Vintage with a navajo design, this bag is just my style. It is the perfect size to carry your essentials for any weekend getaway. Get in my closet!!
This leopard print leather tote is a MUST. I love that it is functional, lightweight and stylish. The best part, it can complement any outfit. What more could you want in a travel bag? 

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