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Monday, May 6, 2013

Wedding Money Savers.

With all the events and weddings I’ve planned, I have definitely learned a thing or two about how to save some moolah! There are so many things that go into throwing a successful event that you really have to take some time and figure out how to stay under budget—without compromising your vision for your big day! Here’s some great ideas for wedding money savers that are a sure bet to keep you from spending more than you have to =)
1. Hire a planner.  The right planner!  We don’t want to cost you an arm and a leg, we want to save you money.  IN FACT, we know a lot of vendors who feel the same way.  Trust us, we’ve talked to a lot of people in town – we know who offers the best bang for the buck!  

2. Use someone else’s décor.  We have a TON you can use!  A whole warehouse full, in fact!  And if you’re doing this yourself, find décor a friend bought and borrow hers (but be nice, maybe throw her a few dollars for helping you out!) No need to buy 100 glass vases when someone else has them handy!

3. Eliminate waste. Check out one of my recent posts GREEN Weddings to get the scoop on how to eliminate waste and go green when planning your wedding!  

4. Carefully assess what you spend your money on.  We recommend couples make a list of what is most important to them and what is least important.  Spend your money on the things to make your most important thing shine.  For example, if having a fun dance party is important, pay the cost for the DJ or band you want.  If food and booze is important, pay what is necessary for a great taste.  Skrimp on the linens or the cake, something less important to you! 

5. Don’t save money on some things.  One word: pictures! Find the photographer you want, and make it work.  You will not regret this.  Your pictures are ALL you have of your big day. Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT hire your cousin who has a pretty nice camera to do your portraits.  You WANT those fun, candid shots.  Also, on this same note, go the extra step and hire someone to do your hair and makeup.  You have to look at these pictures for the rest of your life.  YOU WANNA LOOK GOOD ON THE MANTLE!  

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