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Monday, July 16, 2012

Get Organized!

Hello Party People!

Happy Happy Monday to you!

I don't know about you, but as I see summers end coming over the horizon, I start to stress about the beginning of the "school year".

No, I am not still in school.

No, I don't have kids.

But, I guess the end of summer and "freedom" is so drilled in my head, I see it coming like a freight train.

The difference between now and the olden days is that I'm not shopping for school supplies with my Mom or trying to find just the right Trapper Keeper or key chain to hang from my book bag. But as that was always one of my favorite parts of school starting {probably the shopping addict in me} I relish finding ways to enjoy that now.

One of my FAVORITE school supplies is a scheduler or planner. And there is something just so fantastic about  the internet that there are so many great free, CUTE!, and printable options out there.
Here are a few that make me want to press print, hole punch them and highlight projects {or boys I have crushes on} in my Lisa Frank binder ;).

{gives you the option of adding in your weekly goals - perfect, find it here!}

{cute, funky great graphics, find it here!}

{organized, clear, clean, love it! find it here!}

{simple, bright colors, lots of room to doodle, find it here!}

{love the dinner and blog planning options on this one,
 you stay organized in every area!  find it here!}

So if you're anything like me print one or all of them out, place in them a pretty organized notebook. Buy some colored pens, and make your to-do list visible.

Or just pour yourself a margarita and pretend summer isn't even close to being over. Either way will do! 


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