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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mean PARTY, not GIRLS!

We’re approaching 20 days since the launch of our fabulous new name - MEAN PARTY. Since the name change I’ve come across many fans, but one person threw me for a loop when she tried to make sense of the title. Her words were, “Oh Mean Party? That’s cute! Like Mean Girls!” WRONG.
Although we share one word with the popular teen movie, we are far from similar. Let’s explore the differences.

In Roger Ebert’s review he describes the “mean girls” as “The three most popular girls in the junior class are the Plastics, so-called because they bear an uncanny resemblance to Barbie.” Barbie is a great description of the characters in the movie, but if used to describe the women of Mean Party it is nothing but an antonym. Need proof? Check their personal blogs.

Take Jenny who is slightly addicted with thrift store shopping – which is one place you’ll never find a plastic, expensive name brand obsessing Barbie. Her Wednesday blog reveals a typical outfit she sports to the grocery store. Sure, she’s rocking sunglasses with the high end name of Michael Kors but instead of completing the outfit with Kors’s competitors she looks better than a Barbie in a TJ Maxx top, thrift bottoms and jewelry. Allow me to steal a quote from the movie because I think Jenny’s non-Barbie style is “SO FETCH!”

Then there’s Ava who may have the beautiful blonde hair to rival Barbie but in all other aspects is the opposite.  Her blog shows her outfit from an “epic Saturday”. Thrift clutch (thanks Jenny!) + Target dress (a store Ava openly admits an obsession) + Off Broadway shoes (just about every item is a steal!). What does that equal? Looking fabulous without being a Barbie.

If their personal blogs aren’t enough to show we’re the opposite of the snobby teens, consider Urban Dictionary.  Look-up “mean” and it gives different definitions for the word.

1.  “To be cruel, spiteful, and malicious. To be ill tempered disagreeable, difficult and troublesome.” - Perfect definition for Mean Girls.

2. “To describe something as exceptionally good or “cool”." - Well hello definition for the “mean” in Mean Party!

We’re not mean girls. Don’t get me wrong. I like the movie, actually just watched it last weekend with my girls so it is fresh in my mind. What I took away from the movie is - Mean Girls obsess over making sure their wearing at least $300 on them at all times. Mean Party obsesses over thrift stores and Target. The mean girl’s daily meeting at the lunch table is consumed with gossip. Gossip at a Mean Party meeting? HA! I would love for someone to find time for that in our agenda.

The list could go on and on but I’ll spare you. Just remember. We’re Mean PARTY, not girls.

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