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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Moody Music

Being the party enthusiasts that we are, I have to share the latest party tool I’ve come across. On the weekends there are different moods for every social gathering. Whether it’s a chill night with the girls and cocktails, pre-gaming for the night ahead, or you’re throwing a blow-out bash, a different mood fills all of these situations. Music also must fill the air. Lucky for us party-goers there is a new app from Apple that allows users to choose music based off their mood.

Similar to Pandora Radio, Songza plays continuous music based off of the day, time and mood you tell it to play. You’re not limited to a single artist or genre! It’s a perfect app for any activity, at any day and time. This past weekend I told Songza it was a Saturday afternoon and I was in a summertime mood. I was delighted with their “Lazy Summer” station. Later that night I played “Crowd Pleasing Dance Pop” while getting ready and pre-gaming with my girls before going out. So trust me, this weekend buy the free app and enjoy the tunes.

For now try one of the Tuesday Morning stations and enjoy!

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